Road Duck Band

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Road Duck Band

The Road Duck is a musical band created in 2009 by a peer group with similar musical backgrounds. Starting from improvised jam sessions, Road Duck attempts to experiment with their original, original compositions rather than convert.
In 2011, they decide to record their own demo on Steppa, Sigmataf. Their first recording will be their first contact with the metronome. Since then many more performances have taken place in well-known Athens venues and festivals throughout the country.
Their sound is a combination of dub and reggae music with many post and psychedelic elements. This, of course, has never been a limiting factor either the musical influences, nor the musical work of the band, which does not stop shaping.
In addition, each member continues his / her own musical quests, whether it is about musical studies or personal musical productions involving other species. Road Duck’s relationship with music focuses more on searching for and streaming emotions.
Their dynamics are based on improvisation and for this they organize and often participate in collective jam sessions, introducing new listening members to the music process.

Dub, reggae, psychedelic

Album: ‘First Contact’

Band members
Nikolas Giakoumis – vocals, guitar
Nikos Korkovilis – drums
Stefanos Misirlis – bass
Stelios Petroulakis – guitar
Adam Panagiotakis – saxophone
George – soundtrack