PRIDON & NINA 150 150 Boom Reggae



Greek electronic producer Pridon joins forces with Berlin based producer Nina

Driven from curiosity and a passion for explorative music making, @Pridon (Petros Voudouris) has been releasing music since 2003 through labels such as Low Impedance Recordings, Fluxion’s Vibrant Music, Neo Ouija.

The music producer from Greece is now offering his full-length album ‘Coiling’; this time with a more organic sound, spiced with hand-picked performances and improvisations, less hyper edits and a notable desire to focus and magnify a discovered moment rather than his explorations on morphing changes and evolutions on his previous album ‘Apnea Eina’.

After the release of ‘Apnea Eina’, Petros had a brief visit to Berlin turning into 2,5 years stay. Experiencing the vibrant local music scene offered him new perspective and inspiration added to the UK music influences that he got during his music studies in Brighton. Now he resides back in Greece where he finds himself a calmer, more fitting music making space in the abidance of constant influences and potentially distracting noise.