Batala Atenas

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Batala Atenas

BATALA is an international music group that plays a style of samba, called samba reggae drum music which originates in Salvador de Bahia in northeastern Brazil.

Batalá Αtenas (the Batalá in Athens) was created in September 2010. Stavros Parceiro after his acquaintance with Mestre Giba and the rhythms of Batalá at a seminar in Athens in June 2003, continued to organize various percussion seminars in Greece and study the Afro-Arabic percussion in Brazil in 2006. After 7 years of musical journey and love for the music of the Batalá, he traveled to Paris to take part in the Lavagem de la Madeleine Festival of Afro-Arabic Culture and to get to know the ecstatic energy of the group.

Batalá Atenas started with a small group of 20 people with great love for the culture of Bahia and the Afro-Arabian percussion. In a short time they reached 50 people and managed to frame a variety of cultural and corporate events, festivals and concerts throughout Greece and abroad. Amongst the most important are the Olympic flame for the RIO 2016 Olympic Games and the Special Olympics closing ceremony at Kallimarmaro, the Salvador Carnival in Brazil, the Notting Hill Carnival in London, the Classic Marathon in Athens and many more.

At the same time Batalá Atenas have contributed to the creation of two Batalá teams in Greece, Batalá Creta in Heraklion Crete and Batalá Salonica in beautiful Thessaloniki. The purpose of Batalá Atenas is to study, develop and spread African-Arabian music with respect to tradition and man. We are very proud to be a member of this global music community that has been able to unite with a language, a musical force of many and different people in the world.